Aeon branch at Market Village in Hua Hin

Aeon branch at Market Village in Hua Hin

Last year on this exact month I wrote a post about Aeon’s fee free ATMs in Thailand. Among all the ATMs in Bangkok, Aeon was the only one where you can withdraw cash without being hit with fees. It’s been that way since they’ve first opened a branch in Thailand years ago.

Today while at the Market Village in Hua Hin I spotted an Aeon branch on the top floor. After entering my PIN number a message came up saying there is a 150THB fee for the transaction.

It was a big surprise to me. And really inconvenient too as I needed to withdraw a lot of Baht soon. But I was wondering, does this fee only apply to Aeon’s ATMs out of Bangkok?

Probably not but it’s wishful thinking. But I’d still rather go back to Bangkok and try one of the ATMs there.

There’s a big probability that Aeon has started charging fees for withdrawing cash from their machines. As of writing I know all the other banks are charging 180THB fees. 150THB is still expensive though and I figure that one of the eggheads at Aeon’s accounting department figured it’s about time to start charging fees since everyone else is doing it.

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