After my wife spent 5 days at her university campus in order to fulfill her course requirements she met a friend who works at the Amari Vogue Krabi Hotel. She told us it’s a really nice 4 star hotel located on Tub Kaek beach.

At the time we were planning on heading to Kanchanburi instead for a little getaway. But after seeing pictures and reading reviews of the Amari Vogue Krabi I was intrigued. And Tub Kaek beach is well known for beautiful sunsets.

Amari Vogue Krabi - If you love privacy and seclusion this place will not disappoint...

Amari Vogue Krabi – If you love privacy and seclusion this place will not disappoint…

Our minds were made up in a flash. I booked my flights though Air Asia and then booked a deluxe room at Our round trip plane tickets cost $250USD. Our 3 nights stay at the Amari Vogue including taxes and breakfast set me back $421USD.

I might’ve have overpaid for the plane tickets because I bought the tickets with only a week left before departure. However, the Amari Vogue Krabi was a deal. Due to low season I paid $140 per night (including some member point discounts via Agoda).

However we had a pleasant surprise when we checked in at the hotel. During or near high season (November to late February) it would cost double.

A view of the hotel property while waiting to get checked in...

A view of the hotel property while waiting to get checked in…

Small Hotel, Big Beach, Super Friendly Hotel Staff and a Big Surprise

When we arrived at the hotel’s open air reception area we felt a nice ocean breeze and the air was so clean. We could hardly see any guests out and about. There are only 57 rooms so it’s a small hotel and just right if you don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder with huge tour group guests. But there are plenty of friendly staff all around to take care of your needs.

We were checked in by a lovely lady who led us to our room which was down a series of steps and about halfway down the entire hotel property. It’s not a far walk and I was psyched to get a room with a better view of the beach. She then led us through the hotel’s spa and then up a flight of stairs to room #3201.

We got upgraded to a Spa Suite!

We got upgraded to a Spa Suite!

When she opened the door to our room my wife and I were impressed. It was all wood furniture all done up in traditional Thai style. A huge four poster bed with mosquito nets. And the mattress and pillows were so comfortable. The balcony had a view of the ocean however there were a row of tall coconut trees in front. But we were not complaining.

Then she opened another set of doors that revealed a room with two massage beds connected to the bathroom complete with a jacuzzi bathtub and a shower/steam room. Doing a quick check up online these spa suites are 70 to 80 square meters.

Now I know I definitely booked a deluxe room that didn’t have all the bells and whistles and are only 50 square meters. So, we got upgraded! But the lady who showed us our rooms never mentioned it. But we were grateful and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to remember her name.

You’re probably thinking just because we got a sweet room upgrade this is going to be an automatic favorable review. Well I’ve have had room upgrades yet still have had bad experiences. Just take a look at my stay in Pa Prai Villa Plantation review. You can always rely on me on giving honest hotel reviews.

There are also many small swimming pools and even a private one near the beach. Now I wasn’t planning on using the pool. But I did plan on using the fitness room. And it was a small room and it felt they just stuck late 90’s equipment inside an office space. I know the Amari Vogue is a smaller property and they can’t just build a gym so it’s not a big deal.

Besides, my and wife got a pretty good workout hiking up a national park just 200 meters from the entrance of the Amari Vogue. Unfortunately we only made it up about three quarters of the way. We weren’t prepared because there were lots of rocks and we were wearing flip flops. Since it rained in the morning the rocks and soil were slick. We had to make the decision to go back or risk spraining an ankle and that would be bad.

The trail was 3.7 kilometers long and supposedly there is a great view up on top. We went around 9am after breakfast and the weather was cool with the tall trees providing adequate shade. But I can imagine it being too hot if we went for the hike in the afternoon. So it’s best to do the hike early in the morning.

Speaking of breakfast I think the Amari Vogue has just the right amount of choices. Since they’re not a huge hotel they don’t have a huge spread. Though what they have is certainly enough. Breakfast starts from 6:30am and ends at 10:30am.

They have some Thai and Japanese choices. Even Chinese dim sum. And of course there’s the American breakfast option of eggs cooked to order and bacon. They even had pork sausages which is the first I’ve seen in a hotel, though they don’t have it every morning.

A good hearty breakfast in my book...

A good hearty breakfast in my book…

But you can see the Amari Vogue is keeping up to date on todays health issues. This is the first resort I’ve ever seen carrying gluten free breads and cereals. They even have fruit smoothies and an herbal ginger drink for detox. And they make their own fruit jam. It’s those little details that impress me a lot.

Tub Kaek Beach – The Perfect Spot to Watch the Sunset in Krabi

Having a beautiful beach is part of the equation to a resort’s success. And Tub Kaek is the beach front that makes the Amari Vogue so much more impressive. It’s a long beach and the Amari is the last resort on the north end of Tub Kaek beach so it’s a lot more quiet. And even then there are other secluded and private hotels in the area with no noisy bars and clubs in the vicinity.

A view of Amari Vogue Krabi from Tub Kaek beach...

A view of Amari Vogue Krabi from Tub Kaek beach…

Though from what we were told the waters of Tub Kaek are much more beautiful during high season. Because it’s low season during our stay, the waters are a little bit rough with the tide going in and out so the waters are not as clear as it could be during our stay. But if you want to swim in clear water, Hong Island (a review coming soon) is not far away though you have to book a long tail boat.

Tub Kaek Beach - Not a lot of people so you feel you have the whole beach to yourself...

Tub Kaek Beach – Not a lot of people so you feel you have the whole beach to yourself…

That said, my wife and I still enjoyed our walks and dips in the waters. It’s best to swim in the mornings when the tide is higher. But the beach is perfect for a romantic walk when the tide is low and you can see thousands of baby crabs scuttling towards the waters or digging themselves a hiding spot under the sand.

Now the drawback to staying at a hotel that is private and secluded is that you’re going to be far away from the usual tourists destinations. Though many, including me, would consider that a pleasant drawback.

Amari Vogue mini bus has enough room for around 10 to 12 passengers...

Amari Vogue mini bus has enough room for around 10 to 12 passengers…

However, if you’re the type that likes short jaunts into town the nearest one is called Ao Nang. Bars, restaurants, cafes, Thai massage shops, tour companies and ATM machines can all be found in Ao Nang.

Many massage shops in Ao Nang charing roughly the same rates. Foot massages cost about 200THB for 1 hour...

Many massage shops in Ao Nang charging roughly the same rates. Foot massages cost about 200THB for 1 hour…

And Ao Nang Beach is not so bad considering all the commercial businesses nearby. The town is sort of U shaped, not so big and very easy to navigate and walk around.

Ao Nang Town - You can get there via Amari Vogue's shuttle service. But it'll cost each passenger 100THB one way.

Ao Nang Town – You can get there via Amari Vogue’s shuttle service. But it’ll cost each passenger 100THB one way.

Ao Nang town is about 20 minutes away by car. But if you didn’t rent a car or a motorbike the Amari Vogue has a shuttle mini bus service 3 times a day going to Ao Nang and back. Though, they charge 100THB per passenger per way. Now to me, that’s a bit pricey. Personally I think it should be free or maybe half the price because it’s not that far of a drive.

Ao Nang Beach in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach in Krabi

Getting to Amari Vogue Krabi Hotel

Just like in Phuket if you take a taxi from the airport to your hotel you’re going to pay higher than normal taxi prices throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. There are no metered taxis in Krabi. You pay a flat rate and the prices increases depending on the distance.

You can find a few taxi operators inside Krabi International Airport...

You can find a few taxi operators inside Krabi International Airport…

Now the Amari Vogue Krabi is one of the furthest resorts from Krabi International Airport. We hired a taxi from the airport and the cost is 800THB and the journey takes 40 minutes.

About halfway on to the resort our driver stops at a tour agency. He does this out of the blue and if you ask he’ll tell you he’s going to the toilet. Once your driver is in the office a guy comes out and tries to sell you some tours. These guys are harmless and if you say no they’ll respect it. This is the same in Phuket.

However, you can hire them for your return trip from Amari Vogue back to the Krabi International for another 800THB. Which is what we did. Because the Amari charges 1200THB.

I honestly don’t know if there is a cheaper way to get to Amari Vogue. Not unless you rent your own car and stay there longer. I suppose you can catch a mini bus or a songthaew down to Ao Nang and from there get a taxi. But I have a feeling you won’t be saving that much money.

But I’m a New Yorker. And I’m used to paying $45USD from lower Manhattan down to JFK airport. So to me, 800THB which is around $25USD (based on current exchange rate) for the same distance is a price I can handle.

If you're staying at the Amari Vogue Krabi, be sure to ask when the sun sets, it's beautiful...

If you’re staying at the Amari Vogue Krabi, be sure to ask when the sun sets, it’s beautiful…

The Amari Vogue Krabi is a wonderful hotel and just perfect if you want a romantic getaway with a wonderful and natural surrounding. But a beautiful resort in a wonderful natural surrounding means nothing if you’ve got bad hotel staff.

One of this hotel’s strong points is the friendly and well trained staff. Every staff that we encountered could speak a fair amount of English. Not too many four star hotels can make this claim. This and just many other reasons are why my wife and I would not hesitate to go back to Amari Vogue when we visit Krabi again.

Read current reviews and find discounts for Amari Vogue Krabi.

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