Nice to walk around Bangkok's international airport...

Nice to walk around Bangkok’s international airport…

And back to the cold. I arrived into JFK airport at around 11am. I used to love airplane rides. Now I don’t. I wonder if it has something to do with age.

Anyways I checked into Bangkok’s airport on the 19th early enough to grab the seats by the emergency doors.

By the way, Suvarnabhumi airport offers free wi-fi Internet access. You have to head over to the information counter, put down your name, nationality and passport number and you’ll get a 1 hour voucher. You can get more just by filling your information out again.

Bought a bunch of snacks over at one of the duty free shops. My mom likes the Thai rice crackers and wafers with durian.

I bought the wafers with mangosteen too, one of my favorite all time fruits.

From BKK I had to make a layover for a short while at Incheon airport for around 3 hours transfer time. I was really sleepy at that time because I didn’t really sleep that much on the flight from Bangkok to Seoul which departed at around 12am.

So I was walking around Seoul airport and noticed some few changes notably these two coffee shops:

Hello Kitty Cafe - Incheon Airport Charlie Brown Cafe - Incheon Airport

Looks pretty cool but a middle aged man like me going to order a latte’ at a Hello Kitty Cafe’ would seem unusual.

I can almost picture a mom pulling a daughter to her side as I’m trying to figure out if I should buy a vanilla or chocolate cupcake to go with my coffee.

So I passed and went to my usual place for coffee inside Incheon airport. And that’s the good ol’ Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks is good but over-rated and over-priced. I have no clue why they still have so many customers lining up for expensive joe.

They’ve got more customers than Dunkin Donuts which provides better value and their coffee really isn’t that bad at all. Their donuts are yummy too and they have some unique Asian flavors. But I’m a purist so I stuck with the glaze. I also ordered a muffin with egg, cheese and something they call a meat patty. That was a mistake. The ‘meat patty’ wasn’t inedible but they should really work on making it tasty.

Just about after I finished gulping down my little meal it was about boarding time. Another 11 hours to go from Seoul to NYC. I wasn’t looking forward to it especially knowing that the route Korean Air usually takes has a lot of turbulence. This time wasn’t as bad as last year but there were quite a few rough patches. Man I hate turbulence.

Damn, I better earn enough points for first class seats. They really make the difference for a 20 hour flight. My butt was hurting after sitting for so long.

I also don’t normally eat all of the meals on offered on flights. This time, I was a bad boy. Not only did I finish all the meals but I snacked and noshed on a lot of honey peanuts, shrimp crackers and some awesome Korean rice rolls. Man those were so good.

Over the last few months in Thailand I was eating more rice and bread then I should. The rice eating was at my wife’s mother’s restaurant. Plus we were eating out a lot. I think on this trip I had more rice than I normally eat in half a year.

Doesn’t help at all that once I got near my apartment after taking the train from the airport. I passed by my favorite pizza restaurant and I just couldn’t resist on stopping for a bite.


I just couldn’t help myself…

It was funny. As I walked into the pizza restaurant people were looking at me. I guess it’s not common for customers to walk in with luggage in tow. I didn’t care. I wanted to sink my teeth into those slices of pizza that I forgot to take a picture after almost polishing off the first slice. Price didn’t change though, still about $7 for a plain pizza, a slice of Margherita and a diet coke.

Today I just got back from signing up at a local gym in Chinatown. They moved to another location but not far. Though the new location is smaller but it’ll do because I really have to lose weight. About 20lbs. I paid $200 bucks for a 3 months membership, just enough time before I head back to Thailand. I hope that amount of money I spent will give me some motivation. So I really have some work to do.

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