Getting Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Art in Bangkok

Okay, so if you don’t already know by now I’m a guy. And I don’t know anything about nail salons and gel manicure services. So how would I know which is the best nail salon in Bangkok?

The same way I did my research for a post on where to find the best stinkiest durian in Bangkok. Even when I don’t eat durian myself. I asked my wife and her Thai friends and friends of friends. After all, locals know best.

And who would know where to find the best nail salon for manicures and pedicures in Bangkok than the locals that work and live in the city. So for this post I asked my female Thai friends which nail salon in Bangkok would they recommend to tourists visiting Thailand.

I know a fair share of my blog readers are females too. So I have been getting emails with questions about where they can find an inexpensive salon with nail spa services in Bangkok.

But the catch is not only do they want to know where they can find the best salon for nails. They also want to know which salon has talented nail artists that don’t charge crazy prices.

So what did I learn from my Thai friends?

They tell me one of the top five best budget nail salons in Bangkok with a reputation for fine nail art skills is a small little shop called Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon. And they do a pretty good job on manicures and pedicures too.

I checked out their Facebook page and saw they have 13,000 likes. That’s quite impressive. But I can’t just rely on Facebook for my first ever nail salon review. And I’m sure as hell not going to get my nails painted for the sake of this blog.

Thankfully two of my wife’s best friends wanted to have their nails done at Glamour Girls recently. So my wife and I tagged along so we could check out the place and snap some photos too.

Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon

According to my female Thai friends, Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon is the place to be for quality professional nail art as well as manicures and pedicures…

If You Want the Top Nail Salon Services at Reasonable Rates You Won’t Find it in Major Tourists Areas

Bangkok is a huge city and nail salons with manicure and pedicure spa services are plenty. So I primarily focused on an area that I’m very familiar with and one that is super easy for foreign tourists to get to.

And said salon has to be easily reached by train, which is the best way to get around central Bangkok in my humble opinion.

Also, I know that the nail salon I recommend to my blog audience also has to have staff on premise that can speak and understand English.

The fact is, if you don’t want to pay a lot of money but still want fantastic looking nails, you will have to get out of the main tourists areas like Sukhumvit, Siam Square, Thonglor and Pratunam, where tons of expensive nail salons businesses can be found.

The One Park Mall in Bangkok

This is the front main entrance of the One Park Mall. Which is located right outside of Central Ladprao Mall’s main entrance…

My Thai lady friends recommended I write a blog review about Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon which is located inside a mini-mall called The One Park.

Glamour Girls is a tourist friendly shop because it’s easy to find, have plenty of nail polish colors, a large selection of glitters, nail accessories and charms. And they have someone who can speak English too.

The One Park Mall might be hard to find for tourists though because it’s a mini mall. However, because the One Park is right next to huge popular mall for locals called Central Ladprao Mall you won’t have a problem at all locating the One Park.

And the One Park is located just one stop away on the MRT to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

The One Park and Central Lardprao for local Thai women are two well known shopping malls for nail salons so there are many shops inside both shopping centers.

However, from what I’ve gathered out of all the nail shops in the area, Glamour Girls has a reputation for nail artistry like tattoo artists pride themselves for their own specialized craft.

Plus Glamour Girls have a popular hand and feet spa package that cost only 750THB. A popular choice for most customers before getting colors painted on their nails.

Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon Bangkok

Like a good spy my wife went in and snapped some photos for me…

Top Five Reasons Why My Thai Friends Recommend Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon to Tourists

  1. For a budget nail salon in Bangkok, Glamour Girls Nail Art has strict hygiene guidelines.
  2. They pay a higher than standard industry salary to attract the best nail technicians and artists.
  3. Just like a tattoo parlor, this nail salon specializes in creative one of a kind nail art.
  4. They have English speaking staff on premise.
  5. Glamour Girls uses genuine branded nail polish products only. I learned that a lot of small budget nail salons in Bangkok use fake knock off or inferior nail polish products that won’t last long.

Glamour Girls’ nail technicians also specialize in acrylic extensions and gel extensions. As a man, I’m not even going to pretend I know what those are. I just thought nail salons paint nails on fingers and toes.

But if you’re reading this and enjoy getting your nails done all pretty then you know what I’m talking about.

In Bangkok Glamour Girls Nail Salon is Best Known for Acrylic Extension and Gel Extension Nail Services

Also one of the primary reasons why Thai locals go to Glamour Girls Nail Salon for acrylic and gel nail extension is because one or two of their salon technicians won nail competitions. I guess you can win anything for doing anything these days.

This shop can get quite busy, best call them to make an appointment 095-253-8187. Best to have your hotel receptionist help you call to make an appointment...

This shop can get quite busy, best call them to make an appointment 095-253-8187. Have your hotel receptionist help you call to make an appointment…

Anyways, Glamour Girls is known in the Central Lardprao area as the best nail salon to get your acrylic extensions and gel extensions done professionally at reasonable prices.

I’ve been informed if you do the same services in the central tourists areas you’ll be paying 2 to 3 times more. And that’s without any nail art and other extras.

Right above Central Lardprao Mall is the Centara Hotel and even hotel staff recommend their guests to Glamour Girls for nail and spa services. That’s what I heard while I was inside a few flight attendants from Jordan Airlines came in to get a set of French acrylic nail extensions that cost 1800THB.

How Much They Charge

You can check out their website for how much they charge for their nail salon services. But here is the basic rate for their most common services:

  • Regular Color – 200THB
  • Gel Color Polish – 350THB/400THB/450THB (Price depends on which brand of nail polish you choose)
  • Acrylic Extension Package – 1400THB and includes your choice of gel color polish. They use OPI products. I don’t know what OPI is but somehow my wife says it’s important to note. And I always listen to my wife.
  • Gel Extension – 2000THB with no gel polish color included. They use CND products for gel extensions.

Another thing I know most tourists will like about Glamour Girls is they don’t charge extra for taking off old colors on customer nails. Plus they also clean customers’ cuticles free of charge as well.

Price menu at Glamour Girls in Bangkok

A short price menu at Glamour Girls Nail Shop…

We got to Glamour Girls on a Sunday afternoon and they were busy with customers. Our friends had to wait on queue but the wait wasn’t too long because the nail technicians worked fast and customers looked happy as they left.

The nail salon isn’t huge nor is it small. They have about five tables and two sofa chairs that double as spa chairs. But no doubt they look quite serious about the nail salon business and full of nail polish choices even for the uninitiated like myself.

Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon Bangkok

Busy nail technicians and artists working professionally and quickly…

My wife’s friends are already familiar with Glamour Girl’s salon technicians so they knew which nail polish products they liked. They picked some nail polish brand called Gelly Fit.

When finished my friends were so happy with their newly painted nails. Who knew shiny nails could put such a huge smile on a lady’s face. Women…

Next time I do something stupid to my wife I’ll just take her to Glamour Girls. Just kidding. Even for a guy I have to admit those nails look pretty cool.

So for a guy that doesn’t know anything about nail salons Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon seems like a decent place to get your nails done. Are there any other places that can do it cheaper and better? I sure don’t know.

But I saw a lot of happy faces walking out of that shop so they must be doing something right. Which is why many Thais say Glamour Girls is one of the best nail salons in Bangkok.

Glamour Girls Nail Salon is Mainly Known for Nail Art

What I also learned is manicures and pedicures are the kinds of services that a vast majority of nail spas in Bangkok do well.

At Glamour Girls they mainly focus on nail art. Inside the shop customers can browse through photo albums, books and magazines for examples of cool unique nail art. Just point which one you like and they’ll paint it on your nails.

Glamour Girls Gel Polish Colors

Glamour Girls has tons of nail polish to pick and choose from including nail art samples…

If you see a particular nail art photo on Instagram or anywhere else on the internet just show a Glamour Girls Nail Tech and they’ll be able to reproduce it on your nails too.

Prices aren’t that expensive for nail art but obviously the more difficult the nail art the more they charge for time and material.

That’s about it. I’ve learned more about the nail salon business then I have ever wanted. I’m going to get a beer, watch some basketball and find something manly to do like barbecue some meat.

How to Find Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon

The best way to get to there is to ride the MRT subway train to MRT Phahon Yothin station.

  • Once out of the train, find Exit #3, which is the exit for Central Ladprao Mall.
  • From out of the station look for the elevated walkway nearby. There is an escalator leading up to it. The One Park Mall is straight ahead once you head down the stairs.

The walk from MRT Phahon Yothin station to Glamour Girls Salon takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

You can take a taxi to One Park Mall also but it’s best to tell the taxi driver you want to go to Central Ladprao Mall.

There is a BTS Sky Train line being constructed now as of writing but will take about 3 years to complete.

And by the way, the amazing Chatuchak Weekend Market is just one stop away from Phahon Yothin MRT subway station.

Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon Bangkok

Glamour Girls is located on Soi 2, shop numbers A47-A48, inside the One Park Mall in Bangkok…

Glamour Girls Nail Art Salon accepts credit cards. I’m assuming Mastercards and Visas only. Also guess what? They even have free Wi-Fi access for customers. Even the top most expensive nail salons in Bangkok don’t offer free Wi-Fi for their customers!

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