BP Hotel – Affordable Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui District HK

You really don’t need to spend over $100USD for a good clean 3 star hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong. I’ve been recommending BP Hotel since I first stayed there.

The first time I stayed in BP was about 6 years ago which I also did a review too. Since that time I’ve stayed there again for about three more times. BP International Hotel was built in 1993 and last checked it was renovated in 2007.

Today there are some improvements such as free internet Wi-Fi and softer beds. And the towels were cleaner and newer too. One of my biggest gripes awhile ago were the old towels. And there are these spiffy new flat screen televisions with Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English and Japan channels.

The BP Hotel is located in Tsim Tsa Tsui on the Kowloon Peninsula or simply TST as the locals call it. If you don’t know already, Hong Kong consists of a peninsula called Kowloon which is connected to China as well as an island named Hong Kong.

What I like about BP Hotel

HK hotels are infamously expensive. Especially when you visit during the convention season. This time around I stayed at the BP mid February right after the Chinese Lunar New Years festivities.

I booked my rooms via Agoda.com when I found city vista category rooms for $65USD including taxes. Those are the cheapest rates I have ever seen. Six years ago I paid twice that price in the month of August which was HK low season rates.

BP Hotel 2016

We got some good rates at the BP Hotel and this view is priceless…

If you love a good view make sure you choose a high floor room...

If you love a good view make sure you choose a high floor room. Our room was on the 27th floor…

Because right now is the best time to find hotel deals in HK due to political problems with China. Even the more expensive hotels have reduced their rates but still expensive in my opinion. While many more affordable hotels such as the BP offer guests considerable savings.

Rooms are small and compact but comfortable for 2 adults...

Rooms are small and compact but comfortable for 2 adults…

Bathroom is small but not so bad, but the shower is narrow..

Bathroom is small but not so bad, but the shower is narrow..

A clean bathroom with a few toiletries...

A clean bathroom with a few toiletries…

I booked a city vista rooms and no surprise they are small but quite normal by HK standards, about 22 square meters. Just right for 2 guests in a room. Anymore than that and it’ll be a tight squeeze.

Also BP has at least 5 dedicated non smoking floors. So there’s plenty of smoke free rooms.

What I Don’t Like About BP Hotel

Checking in and checking out is a breeze at BP Hotel...

Checking in and checking out is a breeze at BP Hotel…

There really isn’t much that I don’t like about BP. No surprise there. But they have the worst elevator system I’ve ever seen so far. There are 4 elevator banks. Even though there aren’t as many mainlander Chinese visiting Hong Kong these days there’s still a lot. Plus all the other tourists around the country too.

So the elevators would get packed right before check out time which is 12pm. The size of the elevators are normal but if you include all the luggage and people you can imagine it’ll be tight inside.

Long wait times can happen during checkout time...

Long wait times can happen during checkout time…

One day while heading out around 11am I had to wait about 10 minutes for an elevator that had enough room. I suppose elevator wait times are not in control of the hotel. However, one evening we were waiting for the elevator at the lobby. For some reason the elevators were super slow and we could see it was stopping on every floor.

There were a bunch of guests waiting too. One elevator finally came down to the lobby floor but we couldn’t get in because a hotel staffer was taking garbage down to the basement level. And then the elevator went all the way back up somewhere. About 5 or so minutes later it came back down to the lobby and when the doors opened it was the same staffer with another load of trash to take down to the basement. Maybe it’s not a smart idea to take trash down during peak hours.

The Location

BP Hotel is on Kowloon Peninsula in Tsim Tsa Tsui district on Austin Road about 200 meters from Nathan Road; a major avenue in Kowloon. This is the area to be if you’re not so familiar with HK. But overall, HK is a very easy place to travel around.

And there are lots of shops and especially restaurants to eat around the hotel’s vicinity. Kowloon Park is right outside too and it’s a nice spot to walk around and check out. Best time to visit and walk down Nathan Road in the TST district night time when the shops light up the avenue.

Close to Jordan MRT Subway Station

The nearest MRT station is called Jordan and it’s only a short 5 minute walk to reach it. Riding the subways is the quickest and cheapest way to explore other parts of Kowloon. You can even ride it all the way to Hong Kong island, Disney Land and Hong Kong International airport.

You can catch the A21 bus to the airport on Austin and Nathan Road intersection, a short walk from BP Hotel...

You can catch the A21 bus to the airport on Austin and Nathan Road intersection, a short walk from BP Hotel…

However I like taking the Airport Express Bus #A21. This particular #A21 bus makes trips from hotels along Kowloon with a final stop at HK international airport. As of writing the fare cost $33HKD. Make sure you have the correct change before boarding.

Hotel prices fluctuate according to season and demand. I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the same $65USD rate. But even if I visit HK again and find a price of $85USD to $90USD at the BP Hotel I would still think that’s a fair price. That’s just how much I like BP Hotel.

“BP International Hotel requires a 500HKD deposit upon check in.”

As much as I would like to make more Hong Kong hotel reviews I don’t want to spend money on hotel rooms I know I won’t enjoy. And the BP is always reliable. However, there are a few other names of HK hotels I’ve spent nights in that are good too but the price wasn’t right at the moment.

Check prices and read reviews for BP International Hotel.

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