My wife will tell anyone that I’ve got this unholy infatuation with coffee beans. And I do. I like coffee beans like Jay Leno likes cars.

When coffee beans are fresh they’ve got this nice oily sheen and an amazing fragrance. You’d swear you could inhale the caffeine right out.

Glorious fresh roasted coffee beans in Ho Chi Minh City...

Glorious fresh roasted coffee beans in Ho Chi Minh City…

Fresh roasted coffee beans can be found and bought all over Vietnam. Especially in all the major tourists areas. Just take a stroll through Ben Thanh Market and in the dry market area lined up next to the dried shrimps and you’ll find containers with a dozen varieties of beans.

You’ll also find powdered forms of coffee too. But I highly recommend getting a french press style coffee maker and a grinder. There’s no comparison to commercially prepared powdered coffee to freshly ground coffee.

I’m a simple guy and love my coffee either black or with some milk. But ever so often I’ll go with a bit of calorie overload by making myself a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee!

The vendors will package it as best as they can to keep the beans fresh. Which makes a great souvenir for your friends and family.

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