swiss sheep farm 2012

It’s only 50THB a ticket, can’t hurt to check it out…

Returning from our little trip to Cha Am’s Puktien Beach which I wrote about on my last post my wife did a bit of searching on what’s new and happening in the area.

A quick search though google we saw some news about a new zoo/farm near Cha Am called Swiss Sheep Farm 2012. Not quite sure why the ‘2012’ has to be there but I guess it’s significant to the owner. Anyways it’s about 7 kilometers from where were staying in Cha Am and on highway route #4. We were headed that ways to get back to Bangkok so it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

When we got there the parking lot was jam packed. It’s a Saturday after all and there were a lot of people armed with cameras and iPhones. The biggest attraction in the farm are obviously the sheep. Particularly the baby ones which everyone, not just the kids, including me were fawning over.

Tickets for adults cost 50THB. For kids it’s either 20THB or 30THB, I can’t remember at the moment. You also get a handful of long grass to feed the sheep, mini-horses and baby cows. Surprisingly there is not a whole lot of poop with all the animals eating constantly so I guess they’ve got staff picking up frequently.

You can also buy bottles of milk or a pack of carrots which cost 50THB each. One word of warning, the cows go nuts when they see a bottle of milk and the sheeps go ape s**t when the see carrots. I was getting surrounded by sheep and a few stood up to try and grab the carrots in my hand. A couple of front hooves touched the bottom of my shirt and jeans and and left some s**t on my clothes. Yes, I was not happy.

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There is also a small archery range but you’d have to pay 100THB separately for a dozen arrows. Not worth the money if you ask me. But there are quite a few things for children to do like kiddie rides. There’s also a small section with bazaar games. Though it’s 40THB to play a game and take your chances of winning as stuffed animal.

We bought 3 tickets. Of all the games to play there, play the one where you get 5 small plastic balls and the objective is to throw it into a small wooden board with hole about the size of a softball. Trick is to push the ball and not throw it overhand. It worked for me and it should work for you with just a little luck. It’s much easier than playing the game where you try to pop 7 balloons with 10 darts.

There is a restaurant at the center of the farm but something tells me not a lot of locals go there to eat. It’s basically one giant place for people to come and take pictures upfront with animals and the scenery.

Swiss Sheep Farm is about 7 km from Puktien Beach where we were staying. It’s right on highway route #4 heading southbound. So you can’t miss it.

Swiss Sheep Farm is just one of the many new attractions in the Cha Am and Hua Hin section of Thailand becoming more popular with families looking for a place to go on a quick weekend holiday. I’ve been there twice and most recently just a few days ago. It’s definitely a whole lot more crowded on weekends so I would try to avoid visiting then especially since it can be difficult to find parking.

A big hill at the back of the farm...

A big hill at the back of the farm…

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