Weird title but wicked smart marketing...

Weird title but wicked smart marketing…

This has got to be one of the weirdest cook book titles ever. And it is. It won some sort of weird title reward and it’s well deserved. Obviously there are no recipes with excrement involved.

Poo is actually a common Thai nickname. It means crab. However, if you pronounce the word crab in Thai it’s actually closer to ‘Bphuu’. The cook book author’s full name is Saiyuud Diwong.

But I couldn’t help myself from taking a look at the book because of the title. Typically I head straight for cook books from well known chefs. And if the author used her real name there’s a shadow of a chance I’d check her book out.

So in a way,  it’s just a marketing ploy. It works at least. I was walking by a Asia Book store in Suvarnabhumi Airport and you can clearly see the cover’s title clearly because the book’s title text is big and chunky.

Anyone with a brain of a 15 year old like me would gravitate towards the book and see what the heck it’s all about. So this little bit of marketing technique of shock value works well.

And the author knows it too. Check out their website and you can purchase an apron that says, “I cooked with Poo and Like it!”.  Does it translate to selling well. I don’t know.

Since I love baking maybe someday I’ll come up with a recipe book called, “Baking with Pee”.

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