Where to Find Free Internet Hotspots in Seoul

Don’t Bother Buying Internet Data Package For Your Mobile Phone

Unless you really really need it for business or whatever reasons you must stay connected to the interweb. Personally I wouldn’t bother renting a phone nor purchase internet data package. Because Seoul is a city with a lot of free internet Wi-Fi access hotspots. I’m not kidding.

Popular Korean telcos in South Korea...

Popular South Korean cellular providers…

You’ll get the most stable connections at cafés and restaurants. But of course you have to buy something like a cup of coffee and on the receipt is a password for internet connection. Okay, so it’s not exactly free. But I love coffee anyways so getting Wi-Fi is just a cherry on top.

For all you scrooges out there (including myself) here’s where you can mooch off some internet access juice for free without buying anything at all in Seoul, South Korea:

Where to Get Free Wi-Fi Access in Seoul

  • Baskin Robbins – Dunkin’ Donuts – Paris Baguette – Caffé Pascucci (strong signals)
  • Seoul subway stations (medium signals)
  • Seoul tourists information centers, booths and kiosks (strong signals)
  • Seoul Public Free Wi-Fi (yes you can get access on the streets of Seoul but signal strengths varies)
  • The Airport Express Train (strong signals)
  • Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport (strong signals)

My favorite places to score some free internet access is in cafés. I usually like going to the non chain store cafés. And there are so many cozy coffee shops all over the city as locals love their coffee and pastries.

Though perhaps one of the best places to get some Wi-Fi juice for all tourists is at the many Tourist Information booths and centers located throughout Seoul. Every major tourists attraction all over the city has one. So you can get maps and assistance as well as check your emails and surf for information.

This is the tourists information booth at Hongdae Street, you'll ger free WI-Fi connections near all tourists info centers...

This is the tourists information booth at Hongdae Street, you’ll ger free WI-Fi connections near all tourists info centers…

There are probably a bunch of other areas all over Seoul with Wi-Fi hotspots you can get free internet access that you’ll discover on your own. Seoul is one of the most wired cities that I have ever been in Asia!

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