Nathan Road on Kowloon

Nathan Road on Kowloon

I love Hong Kong. It has an incredible energy, especially at night time.

However I really regret that I don’t visit Hong Kong as often as I should. Like in Malaysia I can speak Cantonese and interact better with the locals with no fear of the language barrier. The food is easily recognizable to me and who doesn’t like dim sums. Wontons with egg noodles and cheong funs dripping with sweet and hot sauce with fish balls! Hong Kong is hands down the best places to gorge on those types of dishes. Actually maybe it’s not a good idea to visit as much because I know I’m going to get fat and eat myself to an early grave.

The main reason why I don’t visit Hong Kong as often as I should is because hotels there are pricey. Particularly during Chinese New Years on whatever month it falls on and on October when the conventions roll into town There are people that I can stay with but I really don’t want to inconvenience anyone.

Kowloon is a great place for night photography...

Kowloon is a great place for night photography…

There’s really no such thing as budget quality hotels in Hong Kong and even the pricey hotels have small rooms. At least that’s from my experience. However, when I do find deals for 2 particular hotels on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong I will then jump on the chance to visit.

The first hotel I typically stay in is called the BP International Hotel on Austin Road which is just a short walk to the main artery roadway of Nathan road. The second hotel I stay in when the price is just right is the Prudential Hotel which sits right on Nathan Road and has the Jordan MTR station access right beneath it. Normally both hotels cost around $200USD a night.

Some very famous neon signs on Nathan Road...

Some very famous neon signs on Nathan Road…

However, sometimes you can find up to 50% off or. So there are cheaper places to stay in Kowloon but I’ve been to some and I wasn’t happy. For me as I get older there’s just a certain comfort level that I’m used to. So at BP and Prudential I’m quite happy with their quality and service so I don’t mind paying around $140USD a night whenever either hotel’s rates gets to that level. And the area surrounding both hotels have a crap load of restaurants and many places to pick up quick tasty snacks.

Nathan Road

Nathan Road

One thing I also regret is not visiting Hong Kong Island enough. I’ve been to Victoria Peak and the southern side of  Hong Kong particularly the over touristy Stanley Market. But I really don’t mind just hanging out on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. For one thing it’s really easy to get around. And I love taking photos up and down Nathan Road. All those neon lights add that extra bit of energy that I love so much about Hong Kong.

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