Affordable Resort Right on Chaweng Noi Beach, Koh Samui

I have stayed at the Impiana Resort several times over in Koh Samui. It’s one the nicest affordable 4 star resorts along the southern stretch of Chaweng Beach. And in my opinion Chaweng is one of the best beaches on Samui. By booking a hotel at Impiana Koh Samui you won’t need to go pay for a tour to get to another beach. Because the beach right outside of the Impiana is very beautiful already.

For this trip my wife and I purchased some promotional hotel vouchers for the Impiana Resort Chaweng at a special tourist promotion event at the Queens Sirikit Convention held twice a year.

From Don Meung airport to Nakhon Si Thammarat airport...

From Don Meung airport to Nakhon Si Thammarat airport…

We got a pretty good deal. It was a 2 night 3 day package that included a free set dinner for 2 and free transfer to either the Samui airport or the ferry port. The free hotel transfer in itself was worth at least 1000THB. For this trip we flew on Air Asia to Si Thammarat airport, took the 1 hour bus ride to Raja Ferry Port and took a 45 minute ferry boat ride to Koh Samui. When you book a ticket on Air Asia you get an option to add on island transfer for a fee.

Leaving Rajah Port on a ferry boat to Samui island...

Leaving Rajah Port on a ferry boat to Samui island…

Breakfast was included but because we purchased the special voucher we also got 10% off on all meals including drinks purchased on resort.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of all for purchasing this special promotion is the free hotel transfer. And if we took a direct flight to Samui’s airport a driver from Impiana will pick us up from there. But since we were arriving from the ferry port the driver met us there instead. All we had to do was call the resort up right when we left the port.

As I mentioned I’ve been to Impiana before and on this trip this was my second time. The first time I went was about 6 years ago. And it definitely looked different from the last time I went.


Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi

The hotel lobby is open air and spacious…

Checking in was a cinch and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We presented our voucher and they were expecting us because you have to call them up and let them know which days we were arriving.

The hotel grounds was nice and well kept. It’s a small resort with superior rooms in the back, deluxe rooms in the middle with views of the beach. But there are ranch style cottages which are closer to the beach. Maybe next time we’ll go for the cottage styled rooms.

View of Impiana Chaweng Hotel Samui

Not sure why I wasn’t holding the camera straight…

There are only two floors for the deluxe rooms but ours was located on the second. I wish we could’ve gotten a room on the first. Deluxe rooms on first floor had a balcony with a door that led directly onto the hotel grounds near the pool.

While our room on the second floor we just had to walk back a bit. Since our superior room was a bit back at the end we had a limited view of the beach. But most important to us was the room was clean, modern and comfortable. Though a bit small at 23 square meters.

This was my wife’s first trip to Samui and she was eager to check out the beach. So we quickly changed and headed out over to the beach right in front of the Impiana Resort.

And wow, the water was just as clear and beautiful as it was 6 years ago. Swimming in it was like a privilege. I’m 6 feet tall and eve up to my chest my feet was still visible through the water. My wife was just as overjoyed. She’s been to a couple of beaches closer to Bangkok like over in Koh Samet.

Beautiful beach at Koh Samui

Crystal clear waters, soft side just right outside Impiana Resort…

Really folks Chaweng beach should be your first choice if you want to stay at a resort closest to some of the clearest waters in all of Thailand.

During our first night for dinner we used our prix fix menu coupon and the food was quite nice. In the evenings there is a buy 1 get one 1 free deal for mixed drinks. It was as good as any time to order up some Mai Tais.

Enjoying some drinks on Samui

Lightning storms make a pretty show. And the Mai Tai were really tasty…

Impiana Resort Chaweng is a nice hotel with very friendly and helpful staff. It’s not that expensive if you can locate some good deals online especially off season which are the months of May and June. But even then knowing that Chaweng beach is gorgeous I really do believe Impiana Resort Chaweng is simply one of the best valued 4 star hotel in Koh Samui I’ve reviewed.

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