The Perfect Spot for a Wedding by the Beach. Private, Secluded and Magical…

La A Natu Bed and Bakery is the resort we always visit when when my wife and I need to get out of Bangkok and recharge. This super private resort is located in the middle of nowhere. But in a good way. Because of its secluded environment and privacy, my wife and I even took our wedding photos at La A Natu.

I mean literally it’s hard to find for most. But when you do find it you will be rewarded! La A Natu was definitely one of my favorite quiet beachside resorts to review!

Wouldn't you like to wake up to sunrise like that every morning!...

Wouldn’t you like to wake up to sunrise like that every morning!…

La A Natu Bed and Bakery Location

As you can see on the map La A Natu is far from many tourist attractions from Hua Hin. So it’s better to have your own set of wheels to get around.

But realistically if you want a resort to spend your honey moon or just a romantic getaway, La A Natu will most certainly impress your significant other.

La A Natu’s Rooms

There are only 10 rooms divided in 3 categories. Me and my wife we always choose their tropical village style villa. And each villa has a unique name. Matter of fact all of their accommodations have a unique name linked with nature.

The villa we always stay at is called Ta-khrai (Lemon-grass- ตะไคร้). And all three villas are facing the beach where you can lazily sit back and watch the sun rise in the morning.

There are 3 tropical village style villas...

There are 3 tropical village style villas. Ta-khrai (Lemon-grass- ตะไคร้) is right in the middle…

So far I think we’ve been in that same villa at least 5 times. The villa style is so cool and interesting and when you step inside you’ll feel instantly at home.

I normally pay around $150USD $200USD per night during low season. With that price tag we don’t stay too long. But even it’s a few days we were more than enough happy. And we normally book via as usual for the better rates.

La A Natu Bed and Bakery is not a super luxurious resort. However, it does have a 4 star price so they are not cheap. Though their rooms are certainly worth the money and compared to many other properties with expensive price tags a good choice for those looking for privacy and seclusion, but don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

A Beautiful Little Beach Right Outside

I really enjoyed walking out on the beach every morning. Since we usually stay at La A Natu during the weekdays there are very few guests. So I’m pretty much the only one out in the morning while my wife is still enjoying her peaceful sleep.

I can watch the fishing boats slowly coming back through an inlet bringing in fresh catches of squid and fish. Being in Bangkok most of the time with all the concrete, chaos and noise one can truly appreciate the feel of soft sand and the quiet sounds of ocean waves and nothing else. And the air is so clean.

There are no other hotels on the same strip of beach as La A Natu Bed And Bakery except for a few private houses.

The Breakfast…

What’s a morning without a good breakfast at a resort? And I do love to eat! Because La A Natu is such a small property with not too many guests it is understandable they don’t have a massive buffet spread. But what they do have is certainly sufficient and enough to satisfy hearty appetites.

La A Natu Also Serves Up Tasty Lunches And Dinners

This is one resort where you don’t even have to leave the property to get a good meal. However, I would recommend stopping by at a 7 Eleven or even a supermarket to load up on snacks and beers. Other than that, La A Natu’s prices for lunches and dinners are quite reasonable.

Not a Luxurious Resort but they Deserve 4 stars…

Only guests are allowed to roam around the resort property...

Only guests are allowed to roam around the resort property…

If you plan on staying at La A Natu Bed and Bakery one thing you can expect is privacy. Lots and lots of privacy. They are well known for their bakery and especially their afternoon tea set complete with delicious homemade cakes. So there are public visitors that come to the resorts restaurant just to sample their delights.

However, only guests with rooms at La A Natu are allowed to walk around and explore the rest of the resort grounds.

Thailand is littered with lovely tiny resorts by the beach. Where you can go and unwind to your hearts content with the sun shining down through coconut trees and fresh ocean breeze. La A Natu Bed and Bakery is our special little slice of heaven in Thailand.

Best Way to Get to La A Natu Bed and Bakery

The only way to get to La A Natu is by car. There are no forms of public transportation in the area at all. So you have to drive. Or you can always hire a driver to drop you off and pick you up when you check out.

La A Natu Bed and Bakery is about a 30 minute drive from Hua Hin City center. So if you’re coming in from Bangkok you can easily hire a taxi to take you there.

If you are self driving then getting there is very easy. And I do recommend driving. Because you can check out Sam Roi Yod, an area with many mountains, shrimp farms and beautiful landscapes.

la a natu bed and bakery map

Map from La A Natu Bed and Bakery

And if you drive up an down the coast you’ll be treated to even more private beaches. The roads leading to La A Natu are narrow but there are very little cars on the roads. And when you are nearby you will start seeing small little signs leading to the resort so keep a sharp eye out to avoid getting lost.

Things to Know Before Booking

La A Natu’s High Season and Low Season

  • High Season: October and January through May
  • Low Season: June through September and November to mid December
  • Peak Season: Mid December through early January and mid April

Because the resort has only 10 rooms divided into 3 categories you can bet high season and during long weekends you may have a hard time booking a room there. Prices will be a lot higher too during those times, especially peak season.

My wife and I usually stay during low season on weekdays. Rates are cheaper but still expensive compared to other 4 star hotels in Hua Hin city center.

La A Natu Bed & Bakery
Address: 234 Moo 2, Samroiyod, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand 77120
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