healthy banana muffin

My Banana Muffins with Whole Wheat Flour

There’s no shortages of full grain goodies in the supermarkets of Bangkok. However, it’s kind of pricey. I found a small little bag of whole wheat flour for about a $1 for a little 300 grams worth.

Kind of pricey but since I wanted to make some healthy treats I figured I’d go with a banana muffin. I picked out Martha Stewart’s banana muffin recipe because it used wheat flour. But I put a little twist by adding flax seed (Dr. Oz would be so proud) and some sunflower seeds. Initially I wanted to go with walnuts but I can’t find any in Bangkok. Pecans was the closest thing I could find but it cost $3 for 100 grams. Which isn’t a lot of nuts. And I topped the muffin off with some quick cooking oats for some whole grainsomeness (not a real word).

So I baked up 12 this morning and it came out wonderful, but since I baked it I’m biased of course. But it was pretty good. A bit too moist but it could be I added a little more moisture than the recipe called for. Next time I’ll add some chocolate chips that I have left over.

And oh, true to my form, I forgot to add vanilla. Though it is an easy recipe to complete I still have problem of rushing through. I should slow down a bit more.

Score: Banana Muffins – 1, Warren – 0

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