499THB Buffet at Yok Talay & BBQ House Including Beer…

If you love fresh seafood buffets you grill on your own and a taste of Thailand’s famous Moo Kata styled dining and unlimited beer you’ll love this little restaurant I’m going to introduce near Huay Kwang, a mostly residential area in Bangkok not far from the tourist center of Sukhumvit.

Did I mention unlimited beer is included?...

Did I mention unlimited beer is included?…

But there’s a catch. There’s a 1 hour 30 minute time limit to eat all that you can. Which really is plenty of time. Plus the restaurant is not in the city center of Bangkok. But not very far away from it either. And part of the fun (and the experience of traveling) is finding the places not too many tourists go to, especially when it comes to finding some good eats.

Buffet restaurant Huay Kwang

Yok Talay & BBQ House Buffet station…

Yok Talay & BBQ House

Address: ซอยประชาอุทิศ 8 (Soi Pracha Uthit Soi 8), Huay Kwang, Bangkok
Phone Number: 085-190-1989 and 083-891-6777

Huay Kwang is like the second Chinatown district in Bangkok. Many Chinese businesses have sprung up in the area by enterprising mainland Chinese.

Every taxi driver knows of this area so you should not have a problem getting to Huay Kwang. But traffic can get really bad there, or pretty much everywhere in the city. So if you’re not staying at a hotel in Huay Kwang it’s best to get there via Bangkok’s MRT subway train system which I will explain more about below.

It’s not a fancy restaurant and there is no A/C because it’s an outdoor restaurant. Yok Talay & BBQ House is tucked between a local pub and a future condominium building site down a narrow winding road in a mostly residential part of Bangkok.

Best Way to Get to Yok Talay & BBQ House

Take the MRT subway train and get off on Huai Kwang MRT station. Get out from Exit #1 and head to Pracharatbamphen Road and catch a taxi. Without traffic it should take about 3 to 5 minutes and the taxi fare should cost about 40THB to 50THB.

But if you find Yok Talay you will be rewarded with a decent selection of fresh seafood you grill on your own on over hot coals.

Yok Talay Moo Kata in Bangkok

Moo Kata is a popular dining style in Bangkok…

And for Moo Kata fans you might be disappointed as there isn’t as much selection. There is a larger moo kata restaurant I wrote about years ago on a post here. However, I have to say that Yok Talay and BBQ House has better quality seafood choices and a hell of a lot easier to find.

You must try their pork skewers! It’s well marinated and when grilled just right it’s very juicy, tender and tasty.

And there is a small selection of dipping sauces where you can mix and match garlic, chili, BBQ sauce to your liking. They also have a good seafood green chili dipping sauce that went very well with the grilled prawns.

I live in walking distance to Yok Talay & BBQ House so I eat there about twice a month. Sometimes my wife and I eat there more especially between the months of January and February when the temperature is cooler.

It’s not a large restaurant but there are plenty of picnic style tables spread out which is great, especially when the temperature is hot. And of all the times I’ve been there it’s not really packed with people, which is also a good thing. Especially for those who are prone to sweating like yours truly.

Yok Talay receipt

If you just want the buffet and no beer the price drops down to 399THB…

As I mentioned, diners have a time limit which is 1 hour and 30 minutes to stuff their faces. If you have some kids and want to eat at Yok Talay and BBQ House here’s how much the charge:

  • Kids under 120cm eat free. Kids over 120cm pay 199THB.
Yok Talay Buffet Rules

Kids over 120cm height pay 199THB. For all you bad parents beer is not included.

Bangkok is a city with many dining options. And I think today many of the locals are beginning to eat a lot more which is why I’m starting to call Bangkok the city of buffets.

Yok Talay and BBQ House is certainly not one of a kind. Even as of writing my wife just found out through a friend that there’s a similar style restaurant not far from where we live that charge 300THB including beer.

And you can bet once I check that place out I’ll have another seafood and BBQ buffet post coming up soon!

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