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Hotel Reviews in South Korea

I always tell people that hotels in Seoul are very affordable. It looks like an expensive country for traveling. But it’s not. For around $50USD you can get a room at a 2 or 3 star hotel in a good neighborhood like Myeongdeong, Namdeamun and Itaewon. A lot of quality budget hotels are also situated near Seoul’s convenient and easy to use train stations.

Months with the Best (and Worst) Hotel Bargains in South Korea

January to March are the off peak season months. So hotel rates are lower during those months and you can find the best discounts. However during the time of Chinese Lunar New Year which falls from late January to early February hotel prices are higher. Keep in mind Korean winters can get quite cold.

July to August is the hotel high season. And the weather is hot! But those are the months when Koreans are off so most attractions are packed. So hotels during those months are higher.

May to June is considered Spring time and the weather is nice and mild. While September to December is Fall season which is the best time to see the leaves turn color. You can find hotel deals during those months without a problem.

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