For the past 3 return trips I’ve made to Thailand, South Korea’s Incheon airport has been my transit point. For years I’ve switched airlines around, landing in different transit hubs like Hong Kong and Japan. Way before that, Thai Airways used to fly direct from JFK to BKK. Which was the best for me. But Thai Airways discontinued that route because they were losing money. And I had a lot of mile points saved up to but have now all expired.

For sometime, I’ve been using which ever airline had the best ticket prices. But now, I just stick with one airline to pick up a bunch of miles for upgrades. And that airline is Korean Air. I even got myself a co-branded Korean Airline and Visa credit card to rack up even more points. And they are a great airline with reasonable priced tickets and excellent service.

Anyways, Seoul is also a really cool city I love visiting. It’s easy to get around and I mainly use their subways to check out a lot of attractions in the city like the palaces, museums and eclectic districts.

I use the trains from the Airport to Seoul Station which is the downtown section of the city. The one way fare is around $4USD which is very reasonable and the ride takes about 1 hour. And I always have carry on luggage but you can always leave it at the airports left luggage centers. And there are 3 different companies located in the departure and arrival terminal. I usually stick with the company called HANJIN Express. So I leave my large backpack there and it only cost about $6USD. Not a bad price to pay at all for exploring Seoul unhindered.

Keep in mind there is a possibility that these left luggage centers become filled to capacity. Which means they will not accept anymore luggage. This almost happened to me once at HANJIN but luckily I was the last customer. But there are 2 other companies in Incheon airport to check out.

Another thing I like about visiting Seoul through it’s subway train system is the public lockers. I don’t exactly remember the fee for using one but it’s not expensive. I usually carry a small sling bag I use to carry my camera. Sometimes even the little things can way me down. So I take out my camera and lock up my bag and I’m off.

So from now on I always pick a flight with a long layover to take advantage of a short trip into the wonderful city of Seoul.

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