Aeon ATM Receipt

Aeon ATM Receipt

Well I enjoyed saving 150THB while it lasted. I guess for some paying $5USD for taking money out of an ATM is not a big problem. But I suppose for many others it’s a pain in the ass.

I have to add that not all Thai banks charge 150THB fees. Some charge 180THB. Yup, an extra $1 and change. So I guess Aeon still has benefits.

Another Thai bank that charges 150THB is TMB (Thai Military Bank) and one other but I can’t remember off hand. So will get back on that mine.

A good friend of mine told me I could open up a Thai bank account, even with a tourist’s visa. Didn’t know that. So I’m going to get that set up. But you’d have to go to a big bank branch like the ones over in Silom. Seems like that’s the best option.

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